Highschool Students Protest Against GPA Calculations

According to Norwalk Daily Voice, more than 455 people have signed the petition Request an Equitable GPA/Ranking System at Norwalk High School started by Norwalk High School Senior Chaz Bethel-Brescia as of Friday morning May 18.

The point of it? To have the Norwalk Board of Education re-examine how grade point average (GPA) is calculated at Norwalk High School.

A good GPA is something high school students strive for and can make the difference when it comes to college acceptance and especially to class standing.

In March, Norwalk High changed the way it calculates GPA by giving members of its Norwalk Early College Academy (NECA) program a full quality point for semester-long classes taken at Norwalk Community College. And the non-NECA students that had been top of their class, found their position changed. In fact, the Valedictorian switched from an NHS student to one graduating from the NECA program, McDonald’s Customers Survey Guide.

NECA, the program visited by First Daughter Ivanka Trump last fall, allows accepted students to earn an Associate’s Degree from Norwalk Community College while earning their high school diploma.  According to Bethel-Brescia’s petition, the weighting of quality points (a 5.0 for an A in a year-long Advanced Placement Class vs. a 5.0 for an A in a semester-long college course) as well as counting college courses on a high school transcript is inequitable. If an NHS student takes a semester or summer course at a college (like NCC or UConn), his or her grade does not appear on the transcript and is not included in GPA calculations.

“A straight ‘A’ student in the traditional Norwalk High School program willing to take a full load of honors and AP courses cannot compete mathematically with a similar straight ‘A’ student in the NECA program,” said the petition. “Comparing these two programs numerically leads to rankings that are not equitable.”

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