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Weighted GPA approved at EVSC

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Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. high school students will have weighted grades and class rank will be eliminated starting next school year (2018-2019). Last February 5, EVSC School Board Members approved the proposal unanimously, switching to weighted grades for high school student.

According to Courier and Press, the purpose of approving the proposal is for the students to take the most rigorous course they can. Director of high school support Darla Hoover explains, “Research shows that the more rigorous courses a student take in high school the more likely they are to be successful in their post-secondary endeavors.”

Meanwhile, part of Hoover’s report on weighted grades includes using Class of 2015 data. It displays students who took more AP courses earned higher SAT scores compared to those who took three or more dual credit classes. “We could find no negative impact on weighting grades on students while in some cases unweighted GPAs hurt our students,” Hoover shared. Additional details in the meeting include the following:

  • First is the College and career readiness tool. Board members closed a 5-month contract with Hobsons Naviance. School district officials hope it will help a group of high school students with career and college ready goals.
  • Second is the Wee Care construction information. Board members learned renovation construction costs for Wee Care. This EVSC’s new early childhood education choice for employees will open in August.
  • Third and last are the remaining snow makeup days. They have agreed that EVSC students must continue to make up four snow days out of the five that were missed in mid-January. Feb. 17 and March 3 will be the two remaining days. Students will receive assignments on the Tuesday of that week, for those days. After that, the assignments will be due the following Tuesday. Furthermore, work can continue after school. Teachers are very much willing to support. Many schools have open computer labs after all. Look at Kroger customers soon!