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Parents and Students talks GPA and Class Ranks

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Behind the cords of success as a graduate is a reality of stress.

An agenda to get rid of class rank and alter the existing weighted grade point average (GPA) system was recently introduced, Plano Star Courier revealed. The issue was tackled by both students and parents.

A research revealed that class rank system is a negative motivation on students’ class selection. It is also linked to more stress and extreme competitive behavior. Moreover, the study also revealed class rank wasn’t the most accurate measure of a student’s success. Some College Board administrators put more value on alternative credentials than course grades and exam scores. On the other hand, some believed that the absence of class rank system would lead to the removal of a healthy competition. They believed that it’s the best motivator for the students.

Plano West’s Kevin Bai supported the committee’s goals to find an alternative to the weighted GPA. “However, I believe a more effective solution to achieving these stated goals is to get rid of the class ranking system instead of altering the weighted GPA,” Bai explained.

He added that the difference between a 4.5 and a 4.45 GPA is about 40 or 50 class rank positions, the difference between top 10 percent and top 8 percent. “And this giant chasm in ranking is honestly what drives people to game the system and try to take classes to increase their GPA,” Bai said. Gunjan Bhattarai agreed to Bai’s comments on GPA (is this enough with the tuition you pay through Chase Bank?)

Bhattarai warns that if the administration delays to resolve the issue, problems might continue to occur. This is because class rank competition creates a “hierarchy” through the schools. It seems like the higher the rank the better the student, which is not usually the case. The report revealed that as of today, the committee continues to study the pros and cons of the potential changes.